Please pardon our construction zone.

Since 2005, CCS Robotics has pioneered the application of autonomous mobile robots in commercial, industrial, and institutional environments. We continue to develop, manufacture, integrate, install, and service autonomous and teleoperated mobile robots and the accessories necessary to integrate them into facilities. All products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Like most pioneers, we have taken our share of arrows while pursuing our dreams and being the first to apply unique autonomous mobile robot solutions. Luckily, our track record speaks for itself. In 2006 we pioneered the application of a 100% autonomous mobile robot for specimen delivery in hospitals and labs. Since her installation over 5 years ago, our first robot (Frances) has traveled over 10,000 miles, opened doors 150,000 times and is still hard at work. Her siblings which are installed in other hosptials, labs, and manufacturing facilities, continue to run reliably since their installation as well.

We will post the case studies and complete product specifications as soon as our new web site is brought online.